System overview


The JeeLabs esp-link firmware bridges the ESP8266 serial port to WiFi and can program microcontrollers over the serial port, in particular Arduinos, AVRs, and NXP's LPC800 and other ARM processors. Typical avrdude command line to program an Arduino:

/home/arduino/hardware/tools/avrdude \
  -DV -patmega328p \
  -Pnet:esp-link.local:23 \
  -carduino -b115200 \
  -U flash:w:my_sketch.hex:i\
  -C /home/arduino/hardware/tools/avrdude.conf

where -Pnet:esp-link.local:23 tells avrdude to connect to port 23 of esp-link. You can substitute the IP address of your esp-link for esp-link.local if necessary. Please refer to the online README for up-to-date help.

Pin assignment

System details